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Guide to Branson's Shows and Concerts

Branson, Missouri is known for its live entertainment and music shows. The Branson music scene covers almost every genre and also includes acts like comedy, variety, and magic shows. With over 50 theater venues, this musical city houses more theater seats than Broadway. The first of many shows in Branson opened in 1959 and hosts an impressive lineup of tribute artists ranging from Elvis Presley to the Beatles each year.

Which Branson Shows Are Open?

There are dozens of Branson shows to choose from when you visit the area. You might be wondering which shows would be the best to see or you may be wondering which ones are family-friendly.
With the variety of shows mostly accepting all ages, there is something for everyone. Most of the events are ticketed shows, however if you are looking for free Sunday night shows in Branson, check out the show calendar.

Branson Dinner Theaters

These are some of the most family-friendly and enjoyable shows in Branson. Dinner theaters are the perfect evening for families because dinner is served while some fantastic entertainment unfolds in front of guests. Some of the best dinner shows in Branson MO for families include:

  • Dolly Parton's Stampede Dinner Attraction. One of the most popular shows in Branson is Dolly Parton's Stampede, which includes a four-course southern feast with an all-in-one show. You get it all here: Music, Comedy, Pyrotechnics, and live animals. If you're staying at Bull Creek RV for one night only, then this is the show to go see.

  • Branson Murder Mystery. This award-winning dinner theater will keep you laughing and on the edge of your seat. This dinner theater uniquely offers its meal buffet style. It usually starts around 4 p.m. so you can eat as much as you want before the show starts at 5 p.m.

  • Hughes Brothers Theatre. If you want to take part in Branson's music shows and have dinner at the same time, the Hughes Brothers Show is the show for you. This variety performance includes singers and cover songs of several popular artists and bands.

Music Concerts in Branson

Branson is most widely known for its tribute bands and music concerts. Tribute bands cover music by the Bee Gees, Elvis Presley, Marvin Gaye, and plenty more. However, Branson's music scene also consists of songwriters and original musicians. Including everything from songwriter rounds to percussion performances on buckets. The variety means you can find the perfect show to see. Here are some of the best concerts in Branson:

  • Dean Z - The Ultimate Elvis. One of Branson's most popular tribute artists, Dean Z gets you about as close to seeing Elvis Presley as the real thing.

  • The Haygoods. Known as one of the most popular music performances in Branson, the Haygoods put together one of the most visually entertaining music performances. From pyrotechnics to instrumentalists hanging from the ceiling, this family of musicians put on a great music show.

Comedy Clubs in Branson

While comedy can push the envelope, Branson's comedy shows tend to be appropriate for all ages. Some of the best comedy shows in Branson include:

  • Comedy Jamboree. Music and a hilarious evening can be found when going to see the Comedy Jamboree. This musical comedy show is available to all ages and at an affordable price.

  • Presley's Country Jubilee. The Presley Family is one of Branson's oldest performing groups. This original group plays country music and a fantastic comedy show.

  • Matt Gumm & Company. Matt Gumm started as a comedian but evolved into a vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist. We suggest checking out this talented comedian to complete your evening in Branson.

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